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Want a FREE blow out & style by a professional hair stylist?

Get a free BlowOut and Style at BlowPop Horton Plaza, a $40 value but yours absolutely Free.

BlowPop Hair Stylists Will Pamper You!

What do you think about upon waking?

Snooze for just five more minutes!

In this five minutes, does your fashion diva keep you in consciousness trying to decide on the right outfit for the day? Or does your stomach take over your brain to decide what’s for breakfast? Maybe you do fall back to sleep for the last bit of rejuvenation and dream of technology that ensures you are prepped and ready for your day while you continue to catch some zzz’s.

So whether the fashion diva takes over before or after breakfast (and since you’re surely not yet getting ready by a robot) you can skip messing with the morning bird nest that is your hair, pick out your favorite outfit and head to BlowPop Dry Bar to let our hair stylists ease your morning madness.

You can count on Blow Pop for daily stylings or for the more special occasions like prom or weddings. There’s always a good excuse for a good hair day, even if it’s just the fact that it’s a Monday and you want to sleep in! And we can further your snooze habits by offering to do your makeup as well. Sure, you’ll have to make an appointment so this is nothing to rely on last minute, but it is nice to plan for a few extra minutes of beauty rest – followed by pampering – to start your day off right!

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